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Frequently Asked Questions
After I pay $300.- for the site, what are the reoccuring annual expenses?

Answer $45.95 per month.

What if I want to up grade? 

Yes, you can upgrade through one of our affiliates or your own webmaster.

Can I delete or edit an obituary? 

Yes, at any time.

How long must I sign up for?

You may stop service at any time.

Can I add a link to my pre-need insurance carrier's site?


Can I add a new picture if a better one comes along?

Yes, E-Mail it or Mail it to us.

Can alter the text on the site at any time?

Yes, Just E-Mail the changes.

How many pictures can I have?

1 or 2 on each page, depending on how they fit.

I can do my own site, can I just use your obituary service?

Yes, we or you can add it to your site. See Plan 2

Can I add pictures to my obituaries?
Yes, Photos should be in jpg format around 150 pixels wide, 72 dpi or smaller.
Can I add a link to a florist affiliate?
Yes. Several national sites have affiliate programs.
What if I have multiple locations?
We have several ways to handle multiple locations. There is a up charge of $5.- per month for each additional loction. Here are examples of two different ways. Sample 1 / Sample 2

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