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To place an obituary online you simply navagate to our site, enter your assigned user name and password, hit insert, fill out the form, then press save.(photos should be in jpg format around 150 pixels wide, 72 dpi)

Once you've hit save it shows up on the Current index and on Your Site if you have one.

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The View Guest Book Link will only show up on the obituary after there are messages posted to it. Messages are not posted online untill they are moderated by you for content.

When a message is sent, you recieve an E- Mail that will display the message and give a URL for you to go to to accept or reject message. See Example.

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Here are some sample sites using our system.
See Our $300.- Site!
Bowen-Donaldson Home For Funerals, Tifton, GA
Paulk Funeral Home, Fitzgerald and Ocilla, GA
Paulk Funeral Home, Fitzgerald and Ocilla, GA
Roy Funeral Home
Our $400.- Sample Site
Bowen-Donaldson Home For Funerals
Tifton, GA
O'Connor Brotheres, Worcester, MA
Paulk Funeral Homes
Fitzgerald & Ocilla. GA


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